Whispers of Tales

People used to know how to brighten long evenings without television, radio or social media. By telling each other stories, darkness didn't seem so endless and journeys around the world could be made - at least imaginary ones. To honor this ancient knowledge, I wanted to make a CD about musical stories.

An album like a magic box, this is what it really sounds like when you open the box and put on the disc.

To calm down. Or at least chase the restlessness out of our veins. Nice debut.

And La danse des Sylphes by Godefroid, a fairy-tale ending to the narrative journey, with which Wauters has doubly proven that she can whisper stories with her harp like no other!


16 songs for soprano, violin and harp

Trio Gilu

Ahead of the winter holidays, Gilu releases their debut album!

Founded in 2021, the young ensemble consists of Maria Portela Larisch (soprano), Veronique De Raedemaeker (violin) and Mathilde Wauters (harp). These three young musicians found each other through a shared love of chamber music and a fascination with poetry.

The unusual instrumentation leads them to write their own arrangements and perform world premieres of works written especially for them. With barely three instruments, a whole range of timbres can be heard, where each has its own place.

For their new album, Gilu wanted to evoke the atmosphere of midwinter without falling into clichés. This culminates in a diversity of cultures, languages and styles. The selected songs are intimate, sensitive and celebrate our human emotions and the search for beauty.

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