Lera Auerbach in The Hague

The Residentie Orkest and contemporary music have gone together for many years. Tonight, on the occasion of her 50th birthday, Lera Auerbach conducts her Fifth Symphony "Paradise Lost. A premiere for the Netherlands. Auerbach is one of the great composers of our time and her oeuvre includes many symphony concertos, operas, ballets, string quartets, violin and piano works and choirs. She has shone in the great halls of the world. How special that she celebrates her fiftieth birthday in The Hague!

From behind the grand piano, Lera Auerbach herself leads Mozart's dramatic Piano Concerto No. 20, just as the great master did. This is followed by the Dutch premiere of her own Symphony No. 5, about Adam and Eve with the added title "Paradise Lost. After a funeral march about lost paradises, harp, chimes and vibraphone evoke an unreal, magical alternate world.

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October 20 - 22, 2023




The Hague
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