Chants pour l'absent with Astrid Wauters, cello

Come taste an extra festive tenth edition for free

Those who were already there can testify about it, this is how you celebrate with classical music. Everyone Classical takes everything and everyone into a cheerful classical bath. Together with initiator Klara and the many partners in Bruges, the Concertgebouw is preparing an exuberant program, with ramifications throughout the city center. We'll warm up with BachPlus and traditionally, Brussels Philharmonic will close with some classics on the lectern. Invite family and friends to this free event and introduce them to the power and beauty of classical music.

Blessed are those who sing together! Everyone Classical starts the day with some highlights from Handel's Messiah. Sing warmly in the Concert Hall, together with some soloists, with seasoned (choral) singers and with gently humming or listening enthusiasts. Hallelujah!


Brussels Philharmonic
Flemish Radio Choir
Eliane Rodrigues
Ignace Michiels
Mathilde & Astrid Wauters
Warre, Jappe & Balder Dendievel

Hourly Schedule

New Day


October 28, 2023


All Day


Concertgebouw Bruges
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