New solo album Whispers of Tales will be released in April on the Et'cetera label

As every year, selected non-profit organization SWUK also in 2022 a laureate, who will have the opportunity and financial support to record a CD. This year this honor fell to Mathilde!

The solo album Whispers of Tales presents some of the finest harp works from the last 2 centuries, beautifully recorded by Yannick Willox and published by EtCetera.

Originating from the obligatory slowing down during the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, this album aims to rekindle the imagination:

In days gone by, people knew how long evenings could be filled without TV, radio or social media. By telling each other stories, the darkness was lightened a bit and people traveled - imaginatively - around the world.

But our music still knows the old tradition....

Whispers of Tales will be officially presented on April 3 at venue Miry in Ghent and is now on sale in music stores!

An album like a magic box, this is what it really sounds like when you open the box and put on the disc.

To calm down. Or at least chase the restlessness out of our veins. Nice debut.

And La danse des Sylphes by Godefroid, a fairy-tale ending to the narrative journey, with which Wauters has doubly proven that she can whisper stories with her harp like no other!

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